AKA Association for
Community Development


About AKA Association for Community Development

AKA Association for Community Development (AKA ACD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to strengthen underserved Austin area communities by improving educational opportunities and providing services to respond to community needs. We believe that an educated community is an empowered community. As such, much of our programming centers on education.

Upcoming Events

June 18
Black Brillance Connect

Join us for an entrepreneur networking event at the Paggi House!

There is a $25 donation to support this event.



AKA ACD implements service programs to empower communities. We provide scholarships to help high school students launch their college careers and offer education programs aimed at establishing a foundation for the future success of young students. We offer many other services for Community Development and collaborate with our community partners to expand our service and reach in the community, allowing us to positively impact the lives of hundreds of Texans each year.